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My massage practice…

I think of body work as both a physical and a metaphysical practice. Melding functional body mechanics with the unseen energetic subtle body systems. I approach every unique body with reverence and respect. Recognizing that you’ve known your body much longer than I have. I will always defer to what feels right to you. 

My practice is informed by countless hours of continuing education primarily focused on the myofascial system and biodynamic massage. Instead of applying predetermined protocols I use deep listening and inner stillness to follow the intelligence and health already operating within your body. This allows held places to be freed and reintegrated into the rest of the system, profoundly reducing stress and tension in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of the body.

Because of the way I approach my practice no two treatments will be the same. I will be meeting you and your system where you’re at every time you lay down on my table. 

My Massage Practice: About
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