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A bit more about me...

I received my license in massage therapy in 2013 and became a certified pilates instructor in 2018. My curiosity and awe of the human body and its multitudes has only grown since then. One of my strongest held beliefs is that every human being deserves to feel at home in their bodies. Whether it’s through therapeutic touch or movement education, it’s truly an honor to be trusted to help people feel more at home in theirs.

As a strong advocate for preventative health and rest as resistance I consider self care to also be a form of community care. By giving your self/your body intentional care and support you’ll be able to show up more fully in all other aspects of your life. 

Outside of my work I love spending time creating art or working on my current crafty hyperfixation. My cup feels the fullest when I get to spend time with my loved ones or when I get to spend time outside with my plant friends. A good fantasy book and a nap also don’t hurt anything ;) 

With all that said, thank you for your interest in my offerings and please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

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